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Blackangel is a cosmetics brand designed in France.

It has been in research and development of skin care products and makeup products that are suitable for darker shades of skin complexion, In that; it is a skin care and makeup professional company focusing on the production of skin care products and cosmetics for darker shades of skin complexion. Currently, there are few brands in the market that specifically research skin care products and cosmetics suitable for African market. blackangel was established to allow dark skin customers to use brand-new technology of skin care products and cosmetics. We have a professional skin care and makeup products design team in France, and we have studied the skin characteristics of dark skin for a long time based in Africa, creating skin care and makeup products suitable for African cosmetic market customers, and selling them to consumers in a shorter channel, which will allow African consumers to use more affordable and better new technology products

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Let dark-skinned consumers have exclusive and affordable international quality makeup and skin care products,

Make dark skin full of color



life is short. Most of our lives, we have missed the best moments. We don’t want you to miss the best moments in life, So we must boldly show our beauty right now in our best moments, we Hope you become a beautiful angel that you are in the best moment in your life, BlackAngel wish all the beautiful ladies to enjoy beauty with us right now。NOW IS FOREVER

BlackAngel –beauty, right now



Magic filter facial mask is a skin care product that originates of a design from Francespecially developed for highland Ethiopian consumers. Ethiopia is located on a plateau with a dry climate and strong ultraviolet rays. It will causes your skin to dry and have aging skin problems easily. After long-term and thoroughly done scientific research and test on a skin, a new skin care product was born, Magic Filter facial Mask, is the third generation skin care product which extracts essence from more than ten kinds of natural rare plants such as chamomile flowers, honey, which can quickly hydrate skin and repair damaged skin, which lets your skin cells hydrate instantly and repair quickly. And brightening skin, making your skin: Brighter, Smoother, Moister. Magic filter is green, healthy and safe product to use. It has been verified that there are no adverse reactions. It is currently a popular product of Ethiopia.